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Unlock the DNA of sport by empowering people through the future of artificial intelligence.

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Secure ingestion of data through our secure ingestion model, unlike other open source models.


Trained specifically on sports data across text, image, vision and audio to reduce hallucinations.

Super Boost

Allows the sports industry access to cutting-edge generative AI and power current products and services.


The iNSIDR Engine.

The sports industry plug and play model to access Gen AI.


Unlock the future of betting, our cutting-edge Gen AI transforms data into actionable insights, empowering fans to stay ahead of the game.


Revolutionises content creation. Harness the intelligence of Gen AI to automate content creation and drive outreach efficiency.


Our intelligent analytics provide real-time insights, enabling teams to optimise the process of turning complex data into a competitive advantage.


Problem Focused, Solution Orientated.

We co-develop with industry leaders to design tailored solutions, bringing unmatched expertise and innovation to every project, and maximising the value of your data.

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We begin with a discovery approach to understand your vision, mission, and target personas. Through this process, we identify specific use cases and pinpoint the precise problem to be solved.


Next, we bring your vision to life by translating insights from our strategy session into a clear roadmap. This roadmap serves as a guide for the seamless implementation of AI solutions.


Finally, our bespoke execution roadmap ensures that your AI strategy aligns perfectly with your organisations objectives.

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Optimise Your Data Strategy with Gen AI Expertise.

We believe the enduring value will go to those that can specifically unlock it's power.

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At iReel, our expertise and customer focus set us apart. Our solutions prioritise your success with scalability and innovation.

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Partnering with iReel means accessing cutting-edge Gen AI expertise. We blend technology with strategies for actionable insights.

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